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I am a woman from New York City who loves jewelry.  I love wearing it.  I love making it.  And I love sharing what I love with other people. 

After years of loving and making jewelry for myself and my friends, I realized that I might have a business on my hands.  It was September of 2001 - a time in the world that changed New York and New Yorkers forever.  It forced us all to slow down and take notice of the things that we might have previously taken for granted, and through that change in New York City, I built my business.  I talked to moms in the playground, talked to moms in the school elevator, talked to dads that needed gifts, and so it went.  Over time my business became more than just a mom who loved to wear and make jewelry. With access to some of the finest gem dealers in the world in my backyard, I launched this website in 2011 and in 2017 changed my business name from A Charmed Life to Everyday Luxury NYC, which better reflected my brand and became more than just a small business on the Upper West Side making jewelry, it became a global community.

More about EDL:  I love to repurpose jewelry.  Have jewelry that was your mom's or grandmother's that you never wear or a piece that hasn't seen anything but the bottom of your jewelry box in years, repurpose both the stone/stones and the gold and create something you will love and wear while still keeping the sentiment.  Feeling creative?  Browse my one-of-a-kind designs or have me come up with something specially made for you.  Join me in my love of stones and gold and all things beautiful. 

Welcome to my world.

You can follow us on Instagram  #everydayluxurynyc and find us on Pinterest - EverydayLuxuryNYC.  Need more info, you can reach me at or 347-452-3939