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Shake It Up - Diamond Shaker Necklace

Shake It Up - Diamond Shaker Necklace

$ 6,000.00

My shaker necklace catches the light and everyone's eye in any situation - always a conversation piece. This piece has over 8 carats of round, oval, and marquise-shaped diamonds in addition to sparkly baguettes, stones ranging in size from 3 to 20 points. Encased by two crystal quartz watch-type crystals and surrounded by an 18 karat gold bezel, the shake measures slightly larger than the size of a quarter.
The price if for the pendant only. We have a large stock of chains ranging in price from $250-$750 to choose from.

Do you have diamonds or other gems from jewelry that you don't wear? A cocktail ring from your mom? A tennis bracelet that you are never going to wear, I am happy to use whatever diamonds you have to make your special necklace.

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